Pickleball Doubles Rules

Pickleball double game is a little different than the single game in a few key ways. Some rules are the same for both, but some are unique to the doubles game.

Pickleball doubles generally involve more strategy and communication than singles. Each player needs to know their partner’s position on the court.

Players will often need to make split-second decisions about who to cover and where to position themselves to defend the court best. So here, we will discuss rules and tricky Pickleball scoring systems for doubles games.

What is Pickleball Doubles Strategy?

Pickleball doubles strategy is all about teamwork that helps you and your partner win the game. After all, you’re relying on your partner to help you win the game. The first step is to communicate with your partner before the game starts. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses to help each other out during the game. That way, you can develop a game plan that takes advantage of your team’s strengths.

Once the game starts, it’s essential to keep an eye on both the opponent’s court and your own. One common strategy is to have one person stay at the back of the court and act as a defensive player while the other person stays up at the front and acts as an offensive player. This can effectively give your team more control of the court and prevent your opponents from scoring.

Pickleball Doubles Rules

For playing pickleball doubles games, you should carefully understand the rules. So, let’s have a look at some essential and basic double rules:

  • Your feet did not touch the non-volley zone line while volleying the ball. For Pickleball Kitchen rules, check our comprehensive guide tailored just for you!
  • Points will be scored on a serve that hits the net and goes over.
  • At the start, the right-side team diagonally opposite the server to start game will serve first; after that, each team gets two serves in succession.
  • Each team will win the game by scoring 11 points; however, a game must be won by at least a 2-point margin.
  • Every player allows only one serve per turn. But if the ball hits with net, you can take another serve. A let is a legal play that happens when the ball hits the net cord on a server, no matter what happens next.
  • After the serving team scores a point, the server needs to return to the other side of the court before serving again.
  • If the player cannot correctly use the first serve, then the ball will be served by the other side team.
  • Only one bounce is allowed for each side.

These are some of the major rules of playing Pickleball doubles that make this game more interesting and enjoyable. Let’s talk about how you will call the score in double games because some players may not know the scoring system.

Calling Scoring in Pickleball Doubles

In pickleball doubles, each team has its score and serves alternately. The first team to score 11 points wins the game, although a team must win by at least 2 points. At the start, everyone’s score will be 0-0-2.

When calling scoring, the player who is serving should always be the one to call out the score first. If the serving team scores, they would say “Our Score,” followed by the current score. For better understanding, read our pickleball Serving rule article.

The score will announce a concise pattern, such as the server’s score first, the receiver’s score, and any doubles. Calling the right score in pickleball doubles is an important way to keep track of the game and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Final Thoughts

Pickleball doubles is a great way to up your game and improve your skills.

In pickleball singles, you’re solely responsible for developing your skills. In pickleball doubles, you have a partner to help you out. This allows you to learn from each other and improve your skills more quickly. 

With four people on the court, Pickleball doubles are more intense than singles. This can make the game more exciting and enjoyable for some people. Our comprehensive rule guide will help you easily understand and play Pickleball doubles.

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