Cost To Build A Pickleball Court

Building a pickleball court may be expensive, but the cost of playing a game you love is priceless. The cost of building a pickleball court depends on its size and features, but it’s worth the investment for a lifetime of fun! But how much does it cost to build a pickleball court?

Pickleball court construction costs vary based on the size of the court and the surface material used, but a general estimate would be around $20,00-$30,000. Below we will break down the different factors that affect court construction costs and some tips for saving money on your pickleball court.

In our office for our pickleball company, we build a small pickleball court for about $20,000. Choosing a relatively simple surface material and size for your court is key to keeping costs low. So this article will provide you with a comprehensive answer on this subject, from building materials and labor costs to other important considerations. Also, check out our guide on building an outdoor pickleball court.

Factors Affect the Cost of Building a Pickleball Court

Building a pickleball court for your home or local park can be a great way to enjoy the game, but several factors affect its cost. In order to make an informed decision when it comes time to construct a court, it is important to understand these factors and how they contribute to its cost.

1. Court Type

According to our pickleball expert, there are two main types of indoor and outdoor courts. The type of pickleball court is also one of the biggest factors affecting the construction cost.

Indoor courts are often constructed with hardwood floors or synthetic tiles, which provide more grip than concrete surfaces. Additionally, installing an outdoor court means considering soil conditions, drainage, weatherproofing materials, and other features for long-term durability. Furthermore, additional professionals such as electricians or plumbers might be necessary if lights or water need to be integrated into the court design. 

The size of a pickleball court also affects its price tag; larger courts require extra material costs, while smaller ones may take less time to construct.

  • Cost for Indoor Pickleball Court: $15,000-$20,000 
  • Cost for Outdoor Pickleball Court: $20,000-$30,000

2. Court Resurfacing & Size

Surface selection is one of the main factors impacting the budget for building a pickleball court. Harder surfaces, such as concrete, will be more expensive than softer surfaces, such as asphalt or sand-filled turf. The type of paint used also adds to costs, with special non-skid paint being recommended due to its durability and safety benefits. The court size also affects price, with larger courts requiring more material at higher costs.

A Pickleball court is resurfaced when the original playing surface becomes worn and uneven. Courts can be resurfaced using several different methods, but the most common process involves the installation of a new Playing Surface Court Tile over the top of the old surface. The tile is typically a rubber or polyurethane product resistant to shock and abrasion. Once installed, the court should be playable immediately.

Consequently, resurfacing costs should be included in your initial budget if you plan to construct an outdoor pickleball court. For indoor courts, you will likely need to account for some additional resurfacing costs down the road. Check out our guide to pickleball court dimensions.

Resurfacing & Size Cost: $2,000 – $4,000 (for a typical outdoor court)

3. Court Tape

Court tape is an inexpensive way to mark out the boundaries of a pickleball court. It consists of a vinyl strip with adhesive backing, which ensures that it stays in place on any surface, including pavement and concrete.

In addition to its low cost, another benefit of using court tape when constructing a pickleball court is its durability. Court tape can withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions without needing to be replaced; this makes it ideal for outdoor courts where there may be frequent exposure to sun or rain.

  • Court Tape Cost: $300 – $600

4. Court Net System

The Court Net System is a great way to save money when building a pickleball court. This new system simplifies the construction process and makes it more efficient, allowing for up to 20% cost savings. The system includes modular nets, post anchors, and clip systems designed to make building courts easier than ever before.

The Court Net System can help reduce the overall cost of building a pickleball court by eliminating the need for expensive specialized equipment and labor costs. The nets are durable materials that don’t require frequent replacement or repairs, while the post anchors provide a secure connection between the posts and the playing surface. The clip systems also allow for quick installation without any complicated wiring or connectors. All these components work together to create an economical option when putting together pickleball courts that won’t break your budget.

  • Court Net System Cost: Almost $300 – $1,000

5. Labor and Equipment

When considering the cost of building a pickleball court, there are two key factors: labor and equipment.

The labor costs can be broken down into the services required for construction, such as excavation and grading, concreting, and surfacing. Equipment costs include:

  • Asphalt or concrete is needed for the court surface.
  • Net posts.
  • Other components like fencing or benches.

The amount of labor necessary for constructing a pickleball court will depend on the area’s size and terrain. For example, if excavation is required to level out an area, that could add time and money to the project. It’s important to factor in any hidden costs associated with this additional work when budgeting for construction. Similarly, if certain parts need to be shipped from faraway locations or customized according to specific requirements, this could add extra expenses too.

  • Labor and Equipment Cost: Depends on the area (Around $2,000 – $5,000)

6. Court Fencing & Lights

The cost of building a pickleball court can vary greatly depending on whether or not you include fencing and lighting. Fencing, in particular, is an important consideration for many people looking to build their courts. Fencing can help keep the ball from going into other areas and provide an aesthetic appeal that many people prefer.

Additionally, it’s important to consider lighting if the court will be used during night-time hours, as this can greatly add to the overall cost. 

When budgeting for a pickleball court, looking into your fencing and lighting options is beneficial before starting construction. There are several types of fencing materials available on the market, so make sure you research and consider what type would best suit your needs and budget before investing in a fence system.

Fencing cost depends on the materials you use and the size of the fence. You can expect to pay around $10-$15 per linear foot for a basic wooden fence. If you want something more elaborate or durable, such as a metal fence, the cost will be higher – around $25-$35 per linear foot.

  • Court Fencing & Lights Cost: $6,000 – $11,000

Tips for Saving Money on Building Pickleball Court

Building a pickleball court doesn’t have to break the bank. With careful planning and research, it is possible to save money on your project without compromising quality. Here are some practical tips for keeping costs down:

  • First, shop around for quotes from different contractors before making your decision. Make sure that each quote includes a breakdown of what materials will be used and how much labor will cost – this way, you can compare prices more accurately. Ask about in-season discounts or special offers that may be available, as these can make a big difference overall. 
  • In addition, try to source any necessary materials yourself wherever possible – these could include the net posts and frame, windscreen material, or lighting fixtures, depending on the scope of your project.

By following the above tips, you can save a lot of money in the long run, giving you more control over your court’s final look and feel.

Final Thoughts

After spending time researching and planning, your pickleball court will be ready for use in no time! A good pickleball court can last 10 to 20 years, depending on how well it is maintained. The court’s surface can become brittle and crack over time, so it’s important to seal it every few years and repaint markings as needed. Minor repairs can be made using a rake or shovel to smooth out any bumps or indentations on the surface. If the court shows signs of significant wear, the surface can be re-sanded and re-clayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Home Pickleball Court Cost?

It depends on the size and materials of your pickleball court, but generally speaking, a home pickleball court can cost anywhere from $2,000-$5,000. However, it will likely cost more if you want a professional-grade court with all the bells and whistles (like lighting and fencing).

What Is the Best Surface for A Pickleball Court?

Pickleball can be played on a variety of surfaces. Wooden courts create the best bounce, while asphalt and concrete surfaces offer more speed. Indoor courts should have a surface that offers good traction to prevent players from slipping. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual or club to choose the surface that best suits their needs.

How big is a full-size pickleball court?

A full-size pickleball court is 44 feet long by 22 feet wide. But depending on your space constraints and budget, you may want to consider a smaller or larger court size.

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